Chain of Communication

KC Prime knows and understands everyone may see things differently from time to time.  The KC Prime Administration would like to see all problems resolved at the lowest level, and to do this KC Prime does encourage everyone to follow the 48 hour rule.  Please take 48 hours to process all events after a game/practice before conversations take place to allow frustration/emotions to level out.

Parents are asked to strictly adhere to the following KC Prime Soccer Club Chain of Communication

1st Step:
Discuss with the Coach. This may not always be easy, but it must be the first step. Follow up your communication with an email. Coach’s emails are listed on the website: www.kcprime.org

2nd Step:
Discuss with the Executive Director. Follow up your communication with an email. The Executive Director is Kevin Goodman (kgoodman@kcprime.org).

3rd Step:
Schedule a meeting with both the Executive Director, and Director of Parks and Recreation. Follow up your communication with an email. 

AGAIN...All players and parents should adhere to a 48 hour post match cooling off period before communicating with a coach.