Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct covers specific areas and will apply for the duration of the player’s membership with KC Prime Soccer Club. It is impossible to outline every point or situation that may occur while a player is a member of KC Prime; however, it is vital that every player behave as young ladies and young gentlemen at all times. It is expected that players behave in a manner that reflects positively on them, their teammates, and KC Prime.

KC Prime Players are expected to:

    •       Attend, be prepared and arrive on time for all training sessions, games and team functions

    •       Avoid inappropriate behavior during practices, games, and team or club sponsored events

    •       Conform to the standards established by the Head Coach of your individual team

    •       Maintain a positive individual attitude and support a positive team attitude

    •       Maintain a high level of physical and mental conditioning

    •       Strengthen and/or improve individual skills outside of regular training

    •       Demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship

    •       Report any injury to the Head Coach, and comply with the coaches decision of the rehabilitation process.

    •       Respect the coach, team assistant, referee, opponent and the game

    •       Approach your head coach personally (parental help is okay with younger age players) with any soccer-related problem

    •       Adhere to the laws of the game

    •       Take victory modestly and defeat graciously

KC Prime Players Will Not:

    •       Engage in dissent towards an official

    •       Use profane or vulgar language

    •       Leave any team function without notifying the Head Coach

    •       Use any controlled substance (drugs) unless prescribed by a physician

    •       Drink alcoholic beverages.

   •        Use tobacco of any kind.

Training Session and Field Rules

    •       When you report to a training session be mentally and physically ready to perform

    •       Report to training sessions early enough to allow you to prepare your uniform, water, etc. so that training may begin on time

    •       Training officially begins when the coach starts the warm-up

    •       KC Prime players must wear the mandated KC Prime training uniform

    •       KC Prime players may be required to help staff with carrying balls, water, cones, etc.

    •       KC Prime players are required to help with any field set-up or breakdowns as mandated by the staff.

    •       During matches you are required to maintain a professional attitude on the sideline. This includes remaining seated on the sideline unless otherwise instructed by the Head Coach. Comments should be kept to a minimum and reserved for positive reinforcement or congratulations and support. "Trash talking" from the sidelines will not be tolerated.

    •       You are required to remain with the team until dismissed by the Head Coach. This includes injury related instances.

    •       The Head Coach is the "Person in Charge" hence; all questions should be directed to him or her.

Dress Code and Appearance

    •       KC Prime players are required to wear Adidas uniforms. Adidas is the "official" supplier to KC Prime Soccer Club.

    •       All players will wear the prescribed game day uniform

    •       All players will come to training dressed in the prescribed training uniform

    •       All players will have their alternate uniform available at all matches

    •       All players are responsible for keeping their match uniforms and training uniforms in proper playing condition. This includes cleats being maintained properly and uniforms being cleaned regularly

    •       For all matches, shin-guards must be worn, socks must be high and shirts must be tucked in

In the Public’s Eye

Please remember to use good judgment when in public and wearing KC Prime attire. Remember, as a member of the KC Prime organization you represent not only yourself but your team, club and the badge. You are accountable for what you say and do in public.


    •       You will travel per team/club established guidelines for that trip

    •       If you are experiencing travel delays immediately notify the Head Coach and/or your Team Administrator

    •       You will follow the rules or other instructions of any person acting in the capacity of a "chaperone"

    •       You will be neat and presentable at all times. This includes prescribed dress for the trip

    •       You are responsible for all travel documentation — identification, license, passport, etc.

    •       You should make arrangements to have sufficient spending money to take care of personal needs while traveling


For the protection of the Club, Coaches and Players, absolutely NO individual player meetings are to be held in any private hotel rooms between coaches and players.

    •       You are a guest of the hotel or organization providing accommodation. You must do everything possible to maintain a cooperative relationship. It is vital that you behave in a manner consistent with being an KC Prime player

    •       You are to keep your room in a neat and presentable manner at all times. Any broken, missing or stolen items from your room are the responsibility of the player(s), and room leader.

    •       You are responsible for any incidental charges including but not limited to meals, telephone, movies, etc.

    •       Absolutely no guests are permitted in rooms unless permission is granted by the Head Coach


Players failing to follow the club’s Code of Conduct will be sanctioned accordingly by the Head Coach, Age Group Director(s), Technical Director, or/and DOC. Violations could result in suspension or dismissal from the program.

Consequences for violation(s) of the guidelines set forth in this Handbook include but are not limited to:

    •       Verbal warning from Head Coach

    •       Reduced playing time, removal from tournament roster for a determined period of time

    •       Suspension of playing privileges for a determined amount of time

    •       Dismissal from team and/or club


    •       All serious violations of the Handbook guidelines resulting in more than a verbal warning will be reviewed by the Age Group Director(s), Technical Director, or/and DOC. Further, a meeting will be held with violating player and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) prior to any disciplinary action being taken

    •       Red Cards will be reviewed by the Age Group Director(s), Technical Director, or/and DOC. All suspensions served are the responsibility of the player. Continued Red Card offenses will be considered a serious violation of this Club Handbook and the Player Agreement and its guidelines and as such will be subject to review by DOC to determine disciplinary action.

Financial Agreement

Once a player and parent has agreed terms, signed this document, the player (and parent/ legal guardian) has also agreed to fulfill the financial commitment as laid out by the club for the year.  Refunds are unlikely, but will be considered on a case by case basis.  Players must complete their financial obligations to the club (and team) before a transfer of any kind will be considered.

Player Agreement

I, together with my parent(s) and/or guardian(s), have read the KC Prime Player Code of Conduct, including the financial agreement. I accept and agree to abide by all guidelines set forth within.


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Congratulations on being selected to play at KC Prime Soccer Club. As a member of a highly respected youth soccer organization, it should be considered an honor to represent the badge of KC Prime Soccer Club. As such, the expectations for our players are high; the responsibility of wearing the Prime crest with pride is our top priority.

TRADITION, HONOR, PASSION AND EXCELLENCE are the virtues most professional teams live by. We, as KC Prime, HONOR the game; all that have gone before us and those that will follow. We play with PASSION — there is no other option. And, while we follow in the TRADITION that KC Prime teams have set, we strive to build a new tradition of excellence both on and off the field.  This Player Code of Conduct discusses some of the requirements and policies related to wearing the uniform of KC Prime Soccer Club. Please read the Player Code of Conduct as well as the entire Club Handbook. Having signed the Player Agreement, you agree to follow these guidelines. Make sure your Head Coach has a copy of your signed Player Agreement. Unsigned Player Agreements mean the player will not be permitted to participate.

It is with a great sense of excitement that we welcome you to the KC Prime Soccer Club. There has never been a greater time to be a part of our soccer club. Unparalleled opportunities await the players who strive to excel.